Festival Jouissif

The Jouissif Festival of Montreal is a new inclusive event that provides a space and visibility for artists and artisans working in erotic art in all its forms. 


The backstory

Following the cancellation of a Montreal event and the limited space dedicated to erotic art, two friends decided to join forces and create a brand-new art festival in Montreal. "We wanted an open space to celebrate and showcase erotic art," they explained. For them, art is a collective medium that can place healthy, consensual, and fulfilling sexuality at the heart of intimate discussions.

Nadia Cardin and Alexis Genta, the creators of the Festival. Photography @e_pic_ben 

The program, a two-part formula

The festival took place from the 17th to the 18th of June at Bain Mathieu. It featured more than 50 artists and artisans exhibiting their work in a market format, along with free workshops on various topics.

Studiorhubner exhibition. Photography @e_pic_ben

Saturday night was the most fun and sexiest party in town! The program included burlesque performances, drag queens and kings, a DJ for dancing, amazing drinks and many other surprises.

Cirque Ménage à Trois, Miami Minx, Cherry topp, Madrose, Sasha Baga, Démone Lastrange, Iggy Zob, Odala Moore, Tristan Ginger. Photography @e_pic_ben 

To check all the artists, visit the Festival's website at festivaljouissif.ca

Thank you, Canada, for the wonderful experience!

See you next time!

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