• Festival Jouissif

    A new colorful, inclusive and open festival celebrating erotic art in Montreal! 


  • Sailors on board

    The hidden history of gay life at sea.
  • Kamori Studio

    The biography of Mori, our favorite paper supplier.
  • Shunga

    Erotic art in the Tokugawa Era.

  • Music is my hot sex

    A playlist with my favorite songs!
  • The feeling is mutual

    What emotion does my art cause you?
  • Jean Cocteau

    A selection of erotic artworks!
  • Interview for TOH Magazine

    The erotic minimalism of Raphael Hubner - Alex Vaccani

  • Censorship on social media

    New instagram account @studio.rhubner
  • Visual Identity

    Check out some curiosities about the studio's visual identity!
  • Ghost print

    Do you know how these monotypes are made?

  • Movies that inspire my work

    I've prepared a top list of my favorite gay-themed movies!