The feeling is mutual

What emotion does my art cause you? I asked this question for the instagram audience, check out the answers!


Passion - Daniel J

Intimacy and Excitement - Georgiou M, Marlin F

Yearning - Travis W

Happiness, makes excited to be alive - Yadid H

A crazy mix of sadness and welcome - Lucas U

Ecstasy, sweetness, love, passion, eros - Daniele T


Aroused and liberated - Ragil H

Intrigue - Brian K

Truth - Pedro M

Is boner an emotion? - Antoine C

Nostalgia, tenderness and horny - Arnaud B

Ideas for some position haha! But above all some excitation - Ewann Z


Longing - Grigoris K

Horniness - John N

Desire to fall in love - Lucas R

Lust - Peter J, Iure L

Admiration - Kelvetian B


Excitement and anguish. Like the rush of cruising in the 90s - Andrés S

Makes me feel hot and free because I can see myself in your paintings - Moe N

It’s very sensual! It makes me long for my man, it makes me feel sexy - Xavier F

Nostalgia? Willingness to be with my partner and reproduce the arts - Kayo V

It’s pure beauty. Sensual and sensitive. We feel the complicity between these partners - Carl S

It definitely turns me on, or make me hot - Michael P


Tingling sensations - James S

Love - Gabriel P

Forbidden love and sensuality - Filipe K

Horny of cause - Mark Y

Joy - Charles A, Adrian S, Job H

Always feeds my soul - Eliel A


I hope you liked :) See you next time!


  • I would have said “Feeling seen and accepted” cause homosexual love is treated as gross by lot of people, but giving it space in art makes it feel like it’s not wrong, it’s beautiful, passionate, and love 💕

  • Your art makes me think of love. Not necessarily romantic, but love in general. Your drawings, to me, capture the hottest sex imaginable, but with a mutual love and respect


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