Interview for TOH Magazine

The erotic minimalism of Raphael Hubner

Author: Alex Vaccani

Toh Magazine 

Raphael Hubner with simple lines evokes an intense queer erotic charge. Few frills, only simplicity and a lot of intimate sexuality, which he tells through his illustrations that are inspired by gay desire.

Raphael Hubner is a South American artist and for him as well as for many other queer artists in the world, art is a way to communicate in a political way the urgency to manifest being ourselves and who we are in a world that still today is intolerant. 

The queer attraction is what Raphael manifests in his works on light supports such as paper or more material such as wood. Intimate moments between bodies remain immortalized on these supports. If someone wants to be immortalized in a moment of intercourse, just send a photo to Raphael to have an intimate memory that lasts forever transformed into art.

What is your vision on the male body that you communicate through your works?

I have always been fascinated by the male figure. My investigation spanned several body types. I also like to work beyond drawing with objects, installations, performances and other practices that use the body as a support.

Your works tell about queer desire and intimacy between men, what do you think?

When I opened the Studio, I had no intention of working with homoerotic art. It was natural, I felt the need to talk about it, to naturalize our desires and solve our problems. 

It is political and urgent in such an intolerant world.

Where do you get inspiration for your illustrations?

Inspiration is everywhere. Relationships, a beautiful song, a book, a phrase, a place, other artists. I'm usually more inspired to create by looking at simple things.

What's it like to be a queer artist in South America?

It's not easy. Unfortunately, we are experiencing dark moments of intolerance here. Incentives for culture are scarce. Brazilian society is still ultra conservative and biased. We advance slowly.

Are your designs really simple but powerful why did you choose minimalism?

I chose minimalism because I believe that the line is capable of portraying the figures in their essence, through an expressive and passionate stroke.

Are you using different tools for your creation, which one do you like best and why?

I am obsessed with oil painting! I love the texture, the delicacy and the brightness of this paint.

What do you like most about the male body?

Hands and feet.

Are there memories in your works? Wishes? 

Yup! Above all, memories and wishes. I always use references for my drawings, sometimes personal, sometimes from collectors, sometimes an image on the Internet.

Everything that passes through me becomes art.

Have you ever done your work on a larger scale? Like a wall? Do I think that would be great?

Not yet, but I accept the challenge. It should be fun

Where would you see your work in someone's home?

Maybe in the bedroom, more intimate places.

Has anyone ever given you a picture while having sex to get a drawing?

Yes, this is super common. My collectors send me photos of their sexual relationships that I can make art from, but it's a personal work so it's not advertised

So how does the commission work? By sending photos or posing in front of you?

We can do it both ways. Since most of my collectors are international, I usually work based on photography.

In less than a month it will be Christmas. What would you like to find under your Christmas tree?

A plane ticket to the Atacama Desert in Chile would be great.

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