Visual Identity

Check out some curiosities about the studio's visual identity :)

The ouroboros was designed between the positive/negative contrast, a structured skeleton combined with thick and thin lines was the breakeven point, always taking in consideration the possible applications on the various platforms.



Maintaining the artist's original signature reinforces his identity and the fact that 100% of the processes are taken care of by himself, who values unique service and experience for each client. Handwriting keeps your trace alive and present, and reinforces the idea of handmade.


To harmoniously connect the image of the most geometric ouroboros with the handwritten signature, a font that had a classic and timeless, light and elegant air was chosen. Arabic Typesetting, with a little more spacing for brand reading (line spacing of 100, in the Adobre Illustrator vectorization program).

I hope you enjoyed learning a little more about the nomimal and figurative logo of the Studio. See you next time!

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